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Learn About Brazillian Bodywave in The Bronx, NY

Long and luscious hair is a beautiful thing to have. It imparts a pleasing aesthetic and amplifies a mysterious appeal. However, Nature can have other plans--and having Rapunzel-like locks might not be the best thing to have in your daily life anyway. Fortunately, advances in cosmetology and hairstyling have given people many exciting options to diversify their appearances.

One such innovation is the Brazilian bodywave. In the Bronx, NY, hairstylists are recommending their clients to use this hair extension. Here is some information about why the bodywave has become such a popular addition to people’s collections.

Characteristics of the Brazilian Bodywave

The Brazilian bodywave is a hair extension best described as lush and wavy. A single bundle can measure up to 28”, giving significant room for styling and customization. Another feature of the bodywave is its wavy, s-shaped curls. Right from the packaging, it features a distinct style that allows wearers to stand out from the crowd.

Most Brazilian bodywave bundles are manufactured in the virgin style; this means that the hair used to make the extension is not treated with any chemicals and is left undyed. This allows users to take advantage of a natural aesthetic. Thanks to its composition, you can also clean and care for this extension, much like your own hair. The cuticles are aligned to look as natural as possible.

These hair extensions are popular and highly prized thanks largely to their ease of maintenance, voluminous appearance, and versatility. The last part is important. Brazilian bodywaves can be lengthy, which gives users the freedom to cut and customize the bundle however they like. Many users incorporate several bundles into their styles for the best possible effect.

If you would like to add the Brazilian bodywave to your collection of hair extensions, then drop by your local beauty shop. They can help you find the extensions you need to pull off a stellar look.